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Visit Bergeijk

The tourism website of Bergeijk!

Arts and culture hiking trails

Hiking trails of 3 & 5km through Bergeijk

Visit Brabant

Hiking trails in North Brabant.

De Plateaux, route 10,2 km

Above all, don’t forget your binoculars on this beautiful walk through the varied, cross-border landscape near the Dommel River.

De Plateaux, route 3,3 km

Take a short walk through the forest, past heathland and, of course, across the unique, cultural-historical flow meadows.

De Plateaux, route 7,28 km

The ‘yellow’ route passes most of the highlights of De Plateaux – Hageven. For a part you even cross the border and walk in Belgium. You walk over heathland, along fens and through woods.

Hiking in Bergeijk

Hiking trails of 7, 10 or 16 km.


Visit Bergeijk

The tourism website of Bergeijk!

Art and culture cycling routes

Cycling routes of 13 & 17km In the surroundings of Bergeijk

The Dancing Cats of Bergeijk, 22km

In the middle of the forests of Bergeijk lies the Kattenberg. On this burial mound it used to be horribly…

De Gloeiige, 30km

Here in the Brabant village of Eersel, about two hundred years ago, people did not have much money. Yet they were happy and content. Except for one man….

Zwarte Kaat, 36km

For generations the exciting story of Zwarte Kaat, the “Witch of Hellenende,” has been told in border region De Kempen in Brabant. She used to make De Kempen unsafe….

De Witte Vos, 28km

In the early 20th century, the inhabitants of Reusel and surrounding areas lived in great poverty. There was a great shortage of everything. In order to still be able to earn money…


3 bicycle routes of 29, 27 and 31km in Bergijk and its surroundings.

Cycling routes Bergeijk!

A collection of bicycle routes in Bergeijk and the surrounding area with variable distances.

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