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About Puur & Simpel

About Puur & Simpel

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Extraordinary stay in the Brabantse Kempen!

My name is Karin and 1 of my mottos in life, where this adventure began, is: “Follow your dreams (they know the way)“. One of my dreams has been for about 15 years to run a Bed & Breakfast. For years I have visited various properties in the area with several brokers, but there was never a really suitable property between them.

Until June 2020, when I saw on the Internet Dorpstraat 5 in Westerhoven for sale: wow, what a beautiful and suitable home! My husband had secretly hoped in all those years that this dream would blow over one day, but once something is in my head, you can’t get it out of there that easily… He had also noticed that by now, so fortunately he agreed to make my dream come true! And now the day has come: my own Bed & Breakfast accommodation.

Due to Covid-19, the start took a little longer than hoped, but since June 2022, it has finally begun and I’m really looking forward to it! To receive all guests, to pamper them, to give them a “home away from home” feeling and to give them an unforgettable stay with beautiful memories. That is my mission! May we welcome you soon?

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